Wednesday, 5 October 2011


... has to go to Kamini. Some obvious effort here!

Runner-up: Carmela.

Well done, ladies. Hopefully the boys will catch up!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Closing your Induction Blog - Starting your Thriller Blog - Set 4 or 5.10.11 - due in 11 or 12.10.11

Make sure you've caught up with the work then write a farewell message to close your induction blog. Make sure that you have used labels with your posts and that you've been as reflective as possible.

1. Create a new blog - your Thriller blog.
Write your full name and candidate number in the description under the title (edit header)
Create links to other blogs (blog list in the gadgets):
- To your induction blog
- To the main thriller blog,

Choose an appropriate background to reflect the Thriller genre.

2. Start watching Thrillers and listing the ones you have watched. Look at the back of your handbook for a list of recommended films.

3. Make sure that all pre-production work for your preliminary task is posted on your new blog (script, shot list, storyboard). You will finish the shoot and do the edit and evaluation next lesson.
4. Remember your sound timeline for Mr Molloy's lesson. Post that too and embed the film extract.

See you over on the Thriller Blog!!!