Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Due in Wednesday 20th December

1. Annotate the film poster for the Kiss of the Vampire (set text)  (see below)

2. Do some research on Hammer Films and prepare 5-6 bullet points to sum up your findings, including the type of narrative and gender representations to found in these films. (see below)

3. Your blog should feature your Stupid Girls project and an evaluation of it. In particular, go back to the questions that were posed and evaluate to what extent you have answered them, then add anything that you think you have not included or discussed well enough, or in response to feedback given. You can write or vlog. Keep it on your blog.

The questions were:
) What messages are encoded about gender and femininity in Pink's video?

2) Is it a fair argument?

3) What representations of women are created, and how are they constructed?

4) How is the audience positioned?

5) Is this a post-feminist text?

4. I will need to see your files next week, including annotated / highlighted reading pieces (at least 6 of them, 7 including PINK POSTFEMINISM)

Some images to help with the research.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Due in Wednesday 13th December

1.     Prepare for test on Feminisms chapter
2.     Have a go at reading the article analysing the Pink video.
3.     Select at least some of the phrases to use for your own videoed analysis
4.     Prepare all materials that will be needed for the edit – you will only get one lesson before presenting to peers. (This is assessed)

The questions you need to answer are:

1) What messages are encoded about gender and femininity in Pink's video?

2) Is it a fair argument?

3) What representations of women are created, and how are they constructed?

4) How is the audience positioned?

5) Is this a post-feminist text?

 Video and screenshots in the post below:

As for the task itself (the edit), this is what we are looking for:

Monday, 4 December 2017

due in Wednesday 6th December

2. Write an analysis of the video:
-          Messages and how they are constructed inc representations of gender

-          Different readings: reference Gauntlett and feminist theorists

2. Be ready to sum up your reading of the chapter on Feminism and Gender.

Saturday, 25 November 2017


This is more of a reminder:

1/ You must have read the two Gauntlett chapters on representations of gender (past and today) and bring the notes you have made.

You will have some questions to answer at the start of the lesson to check you have done the reading then we will spend some time consolidating your understanding.

2/ You must have read the chapter on Feminism and Gender. Again, we will check your understanding.

3/ You should re-watch the video on Van Zoonen and bell hooks. Find further reading / videos / information on these two writers to complement your knowledge. Share your sources with us next lesson.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wednesday 15th November: Exam-type comparative question (Period 3)

A Level Media Studies – Component 1 Section A, Question 1 (Representation)

Compare how audiences are positioned by the representations in this WaterAid advertisement and the WaterAid advertisement you have studied (set text).

 In your answer you must:

-          consider how the representations construct versions of reality 

-          consider the similarities and differences in how audiences are positioned by the representations

-          make judgements and draw conclusions about how far the representations relate to relevant media contexts and debates.

 [30 marks]

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Wednesday 8th November - Resources in preparation for next lesson:

1. Add to / improve / start again: your analysis of the Tide advert set text.

If you have handed in what you wrote today, I will get it back to you before the weekend.

2. a/ Look at the WaterAid advert below (set text) and make notes using the theoretical framework:

b/ Look at and make notes on the advert below, also from WaterAid:

Another WaterAid advert can be found below; it deploys a different strategy. Watch it and, if you can, watch other ones from different campaigns though the years to gain some understanding of WaterAid advertising strategies:


If you want to get ahead, write a comparative essay focusing on the set text and another advert, exploring narratives and representations created in the adverts.

To put things in perspective - and think about different readings of these adverts - please have a look at these parodies... They make the point beautifully and in a funny way:

Now dust off your post-colonialist readings of the texts above!

And for a bit of light relief... Here's Trevor Noah's spoof:

3. Read Chapter 4 from Gauntlett distributed in class. Spread out the reading if necessary. Aim for a side of notes and bring to class next week.

4. Ahead of next week, you might also want to prepare by watching the video below (feminist theorists) and reading the (very brief) article linked here too:
A Brief History: The Three Waves of Feminism

There are so many interesting videos online about feminism and feminist theory. Do use your initiative and go explore!


And remember to find the best possible way of organising your folders.