Monday, 8 October 2012

Continuity Task and Preliminary Task (for both groups) ALSO POSTED ON THE THRILLER BLOG

We have started looking at CONTINUITY and it is a key element of your preliminary task.

Group 1 has a bit of an advantage on group 2 but no matter...

Watch this sequence from Hitchcock's The Birds. It's an excellent example of continuity and uses the techniques we've seen in class this week.

After watching it, try and work out:
- How many shots are there?
- Where was the camera positioned for each shot?
- Which principles of continuity editing have been followed?

Then you're ready to write an analysis of shots and techniques used in this sequence to demonstate your understanding of them. You can use the following questions for guidance:
1. What principles of continuity are used here? How successfully? Refer to specific shots / screengrabs.
2. What is the effect of the editing on the viewer? What are we meant to feel at different stages? (ie before she enters the house, in the kitchen, in the corridor, in the bedroom, running away)?
3. What is the 'best bit' for you in this sequence in terms of learning new techniques and why?
Continuity editing is all about making your film work in a logical way (ordering the shots logically) so the audience can follow it easily and enjoy the story y without being confused; they are properly 'positioned'.
Can you remember all the techniques/ principles discussed in class? Can you find some examples of these techniques in other films (embed)?

Find and embed a film extract that makes good use of continuity. Grab a few shots and comment on techniques used (bullet points)

Ocrmediaas_basics of Video Editing

GROUP 1: Make sure you post pictures of your script/ storyboard etc... (I've saved the pictures in the relevant folder on the media drive)
Also include the brief below and make sure you explain and flag up the techniques included there.

GROUP 2: Get prepared too by reading the above and watching the example below:

GET THIS DONE... Both groups

1. Start writing evaluation posts on the tasks completed so far.
For each one, the film / task should be embedded and you should aim to address the following:
- What was the purpose of the task?
- What skills did you learn or develop?
- What mistakes did you make or what would you like to improve?
- Do mention specific techniques and use appropriate terminology.

2. Composition - Take pictures and upload them. Demonstrate nose room, head room, lead room, eye line, rule of thirds as well as camera angles and distances
Watch the following clip to consolidate understanding. Other rules of composition are mentioned - can you spot them?

Group 1 working on the Prelim task...